• Need lunchbox ideas?

    Find easy & healthy ideas on how to fill those lunchboxes on our Pinterest board.

  • After School in Dubai

    It's a new school term so that means loads of new activities and classes to sign up for across Dubai!

  • Back 2 School

    Ahhhh, here we are again, the Back to School season when it's time to stock up on lots of lovely goodies which we fervently hope won't end up in lost property before the first week of term is out!

  • Extra Curricular in Abu Dhabi

    From art & crafts, to sports skills and drama and dance, your kids should never have a reason to say they're bored!

Things We Love

willy wonka 192 115

Roald Dahle's Willy Wonka

is the Christmas show at DUCTAC. Children's auditions are over the Eid holiday weekend in October!

little chefs 192 115

Love cooking or eating out?

Sometimes we can even combine both while taking the kids out in Abu Dhabi.

food dubai 192 115

Mummy ... I am hungry!

Our top 10 tips of family friendly eateries comes to the rescue shouldn't you feel like cooking today ... or tomorrow!


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Browse our blog ...

... and find articles about new classes, courses and back-to-school shopping!

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Science 4 kidz

Learn and experiement with these fab ideas on our Pinterest board.

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Bags more shopping

We love our directory,  so naturally we constantly add more info on our favourite shopping finds... 

Dubai finds...

dubai june 192 115

It's still hot...

but we are always busy in Dubai so make sure to check out our What's On.

party 192 115

Party Time 

We all love a good party so here are all the services to help make your celebration a memorable one. 

school 192 115


Looking for an IB school or a Montessori nursery? Our educational listings will help you find the right place for your little one.

Abu Dhabi finds...

june 192 115

So much to do...

don't miss out and take a look at our calendar!

homepage schools 192 115

School Days

Find info on all the nurseries and schools in Abu Dhabi to help your child grow and develop.

momologue 192 115

Join the [MOM]entum!

In September Moms Guide Abu Dhabi are launching a new meetup called "MOMOLOGUES"... click through to read more about it.