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We all know the feeling right? We pick the kids up from school and eagerly begin asking how their day was anticipating these long detailed responses full of glee and excitement. More often than not, we get, "Fine", "OK", "Boring", "Can't remember". The truth is, our kids have just completed 4 - 7 days of school and guess what, the last thing they want to do is talk about it too! It doesn't mean they aren't happy or enjoying school - it just means they're a bit fed up with it. Start with allowing your child som "me time" so to speak. Time to decompress from all the activities of the day, ideas including picking a snack, a short burst of screen time or playing outside for a bit.


Getting children to talk about school (or other events they participate in away from you) requires being more specific with your questions. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're talking to your child about school:



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Looking for fun, new ways to spend quality time with your child? Check out our list of 12 must-do ideas! When you think about it, moms are a lot like cops: our job is to serve and protect. And as you likely already know, it's a 24/7 job! Between all the teaching, feeding, guiding and—yes—disciplining, it's easy to lose sight of the need to really connect with our kids. Here, a dozen fun and creative ways to get your quality time in.


1. Give thanks!


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Hard to believe the end of the first term is around the corner and with it Winter holidays and Festive Season shopping! Prevent the boredom kicking in and maximise your productivity by signing your kiddos up for one of these awesome Winter Camps in Abu Dhabi!


If you are looking for Winter Camps in Dubai, click here!




Most people feel like they don't have enough time to read books. Every day, you have work, exercise, family responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, and tons of other things you have to do. Unless you're a book lover, reading is probably the last thing you want to do at the end of the day. know you should read books. Or, you want to become a book lover but aren't sure how to fit it into your schedule.


There's one simple tactic that will help you read at least 1 BOOK A MONTH without completely changing your current schedule. What it will change is your reading life! Here it is:


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As summer winds down and school starts back up, it also mean the beginning of Fall sports. Participating in sports can be a big commitment, not just for kids, but their parents too. Whether it's playing a competitive travel team, local league, or just learning the basics, a lot goes into the process, and parents are a big part of it. As they should be.


Beyond buying the equipment and providing the transportation to and from practices, parents are some of the most important and influential pieces in the development of young athletes. While we've probably all witnessed a cringe-worthy outburst by an aggressive adult at a youth sports match, for the most part, parents' involvement in their children's sports activities can have a lasting positive effect. Below are a few ideas to help you become your best version of a sports parent.



With your new addition to the family, dining out and meals in general may have changed dynamics. Less of the leisurely meals catching up with your spouse or friends and more of purely functional, dashing through food in between feedings. Venturing out for a meal however can be very therapeutic for a new mom if done right and will help bring back a sense of pre-baby normalcy that can be a life saver early on! Here are some useful tips to venturing out for a meal with your little one in tow.


Timing is everything

  • Reduce idle time, when Baby is your dinner guest. This may mean making a reservation so you don't need to wait in a queue or going at non-peak times when the kitchen is less chaotic. Either way, you'll be more likely to enjoy your meal when you don't have to wait long for your food to arrive and while there are fewer people eyeing your every move.
  • Don't feel like you have to stick to dinner. If you're dining out for the first time with your newly mobile tot, for example, you might want to start with a breakfast, lunch or tea and cake, when meals are quicker, restaurants are quieter and the witching hour is still hours away.
  • Work around your baby's schedule. You don't want your little one exhausted or famished when you get to the restaurant, or it's going to be too hard to keep you and your little one happy and occupied for the duration of your meal. If you've got a new-born, your best bet is to plan to dine out while he's sleeping happily in the car seat in the booth with you.

Be strategic...

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If you're off home or to some exotic location these holidays and flying with your children, you'll know that planning is key! Here are some tips courtesy of to get you started!


Before the Trip:

• Double-check the flight schedule. Check with the airline 24 hours in advance to make sure your departure and return times haven't changed. Sign up online for e-mail, and cell phone alerts in case there is a last-minute change.


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Mother's Day is a BIG event, and even if you don't believe it, Dads spend an awful lot of time trying to make it special, especially when it's a mom's first day celebrating. Therefore ladies, it's time to do the leg work and make the new dad in your life feel extra special and appreciated on his FIRST Father's Day. Celebrating the first Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to establish traditions that will become the hallmark of subsequent celebrations. Father's Day should be a meaningful day that honors the impact of the most important role model in a child's life, not just another just a day for cards and gifts.


Get the day off to a healthy start with breakfast. While breakfast in bed sounds great, as a new mom with night feeds this is probably not realistic. Why not opt for taking dad out to his favourite breakfast spot where the entire family can relax and spend some quality time together?



Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and as all of us living in the UAE know well, a time when Muslim friends and neighbours will be fasting. It is also a great time to teach our families about this Holy month and it's significance. Irrespective of our religious beliefs, here are some ways to get your kids involved and nurture an attitude of acceptance, kindness and good will.


1. Get creative with Ramadan Crafts and activities

With shorter school and work days you'll need ways to keep the little busy and entertained so why not add some Ramadan themed arts and crafts activities? The fruits of your efforts will serve as great keepsakes to gift to class mates or relatives. You'll find loads of ideas on our Ramadan and Eid Pinterest board.


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Every year, millions of people honor Earth Day around the world. According to Earth Day International, nearly 200 countries celebrate Earth Day, with both individuals and organizations taking environmental action. What better day to harness your children's natural curiosity and wonderment for the world around them than to widen their understanding of this day and how they can make an impact! Overwhelmed at the responsibility? Don't be, we've put some suggestions and ideas to help you along!



1. What is Earth Day?



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